The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea

The Pittsburgh Book Club will meet at 7PM on Tuesday, December 11, to discuss The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea. The December Book Club will be held at the Squirrel Hill home of Donna Coufal (AM’75). Contact Steve Shandor, AB'84, MBA'88 at steve.shandor@gmail.com to let us know you are coming. Location details will be sent after emailing Steve.


We hope to see you all there! Below is a brief description of the book:




The House of Broken Angels, published in March 2018, is a novel based in part on the death of the author's eldest brother, his half-brother raised in Mexico. Luis Alberto Urrea said in an interview with Terry Gross that he expanded the novel with a sense of the status between Mexico and the United States since Trump became president of the US in 2017: "But then as I expanded it, ... it started taking on more of a cultural statement and turned into a novel, which seemed to want to become epic. I couldn't shake my growing sense of rage and astonishment at the tone."


Michael Upchurch in the Chicago Tribune remarked the wonderful turns of phrase in the novel about a family sprawling across the US-Mexico border and the sense of place, "You couldn't ask for a more vivid sense of place either, whether you're talking physical surroundings ("The funeral home had a fake Germanic facade and stood across the street from a taco shop, a gas station and a Starbucks") or the way people think and speak.


In an interview with Claire Kirch published in Publishers Weekly, Urrea said that "he has never before received so much prepub buzz as he has for The House of Broken Angels. Kirch quoted him as saying that "It seems to be striking a nerve," he says. "I wasn't really trying to be subversive, but I was trying to be subversive at the same time. I'm always trying to, using literature, subvert people's responses."



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